Stable Staples

How we use your data

  1. We are a lean organisation, and we try to collect minimal data to ensure that PSS will be able to function. Our website is hosted as a static page on Github, and does not connect to any databases. That being said, we still do collect some data during our interactions with you, and would like to share with you what we do with these data.
  2. The website uses Google Analytics for the purpose of identifying where our traffic comes from. This means that when you access our site, a cookie will be stored on your computer except when your browser does not allow for this. This is meant to help us measure our various marketing pushes, and let us prioritise the efforts that are delivering results. You can deactivate this by blocking tracking within the browser.
  3. Should you be donating, we will be storing your data on Google forms (through which you enter the data) and HubSpot where we handle our emails to the donors. To opt out of any emails, please reply to the email after recieving receipt of the donation to opt out. Opt out links will also be provided in subsequent emails from HubSpot.
  4. Should you be interacting with us through chat, contents of the chat will be stored on HubSpot.
  5. Other future uses of the data may include using the emails for generating lookalike audiences for our marketing campaigns. Please do reply to any of our emails to opt out of being included.