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We are real. In fact we've been featured thrice on Straits Times, here, here and here.

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Are we real?

Of course we are. Here are our faces on Instagram. But aside from that, we've been featured thrice on Straits Times (here, here and here), on NYC's YouthConversations site among others. And the people who need our help are real too, and have been referred by FSCs, SSAs, and even hospitals.

What is Project Stable Staples?

Project Stable Staples is a GROUND-UP INITIATIVE in partnership with BLESS

We're hoping to tide large families in rental communities through COVID-related income loss, and we are seeking donors to join us in giving fortnightly grocery vouchers to the affected families, for three months and possibly beyond.

Who are we trying to help?

Families residing in rental communities experiencing a loss in income (from part-time stints), which have either (i) 2 or more children, (ii) at least 1 child and 1 elderly, or (iii) 2 elderly who are supported by the breadwinner(s).

How much will each family receive?

We aim to give $5 NTUC voucher to each individual per week. Assuming the family has 4 members, they will get $20 a week, i.e. $80 a month. Hopefully, this will allow them to get some stable staples.

How can you help?


Contribute cash: 100% will go towards Fairprice vouchers for families who will benefit most from them

Donations closed for now. We have exceeded our initial goal, and will proceed to disburse the sum collected to the families. Do like our (link) page to recieve further updates from us!

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How are the beneficiaries identified?

Working closely with Social Service Offices and Community Development Councils, we are able to identify the families in need of further financial assistance due to their difficult circumstances.

Our volunteers engage each beneficiary individually to understand their concerns and needs.

Amongst the families in rental units who meet the criteria (part-time worker(s) experiencing income loss with at least 2 children), the largest families will receive the vouchers first. We hope to raise enough funds to help all these families in each rental block.

What about those who don't live in rental flats but are also affected?

We are doing our part to reach out to the most vulnerable group first.

Often, families residing in rental blocks have sole breadwinners who rely on precarious work to provide for multiple children. Many of them are experiencing income loss now. They are only eligible for the one-time Care & Support (cash payouts), and $300 NTUC grocery vouchers (for the rest of 2020). While they can depend on the cash support to pay part of their bills and existing arrears (e.g, rent, electricity, transport etc) for a while, we have heard of real concerns through our home visits that they would not be able to afford food and other daily necessities.

Additional financial support through the Resilience Package will relieve the situations of many individuals affected by this COVID-19 crisis.

Have you considered providing e-vouchers instead?

Although using e-vouchers is more efficient, it is not ideal as the beneficiaries are unlikely to hit the minimum order to qualify for free delivery. Hence, physical vouchers are more suitable for their use.

Why are the vouchers donated in $5 and $10 denominations only?

Depending on family size, different families will receive different voucher amounts. Smaller denominations allow flexibility for them to plan how and when to use the vouchers at their own discretion.

How long will this support be for?

Presently, we are looking to support these families for three months. If we are able to raise more funds, we will aim to tide them through a longer period.

Which areas do you currently serve?

Because of the outpouring of support from people from all walks of life, we are now able to, and are supporting families from all across Singapore.

How do you all intend to deliver the grocery vouchers?

We will use postal services to deliver the grocery vouchers to them.

Why do you collect donations through PayNow?

It is the most ideal channel of collection that requires minimal transaction fees (0.25%), unlike other payment gateways or fundraising platforms (1.5%+). This allows us to ensure that the money collected is able to reach these families.

I've donated, why didn't the progress bar move?

Sorry, but there's a human who manually updates this page on Github. If you are interested in helping him, reach out to him on twitter!

What happens to money that does not get allocated for beneficiaries?

If we do have money left over (not that it's likely yet), we will be using the remainder to support selected families beyond 3 months. Should there be any remaining funds after that, we will be donating to The Courage Fund.