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Project Stable Staples

Providing stability to families in these trying times

What do we do

After the results of last year’s fundraising campaign where we managed to raised over SGD160k to support 3k+ individuals across 600+ households through circuit breaker, we were heartened to see many similar organisations popping up to help fill this gap. However, we’ve identified a new gap that continued to remain, one where families awaiting for support through these various programmes often had to ration their resources to get by in those few weeks before they get onboarded. We have since pivoted in an attempt to tackle this gap, and act as a quick response force in order to make sure no babies go hungry in these trying times.

Quick response

Provide bridging support for families seeking assistance


Provide families with introductions to other social service agencies who might be able to help with longer term needs

Food and groceries

Providing ad hoc support to ensure that babies have the food they need to grow up well

Need interim support?

Reach out to us over at our Facebook page, or fill in the form here, and one of our friendly volunteers will get back to you. Past support we have provided previously includes milk powder and diapers for the infants, and cash for groceries for the adults in the family

How to get involved

We are currently operating in a leaner mode since the end of circuit breaker, and have been responding to ad hoc requests from families looking for support from a shorter term perspective. While we are not actively fundraising, we do still need funds from time to time to send supplies (milk powder, diapers, regular groceries) to some of these families. We operate with zero expense ratio. 100% of the money will go towards supporting the families who have reached out. If you are keen to support, head over to our contribute page, leave your details, and we’ll get back to you shortly. We provide our sponsors updates on their case which their money goes towards, while maintaining the privacy of the individuals involved in a post on our site.

Partner Organisations

Bringing Love to Every Single Soul

Bringing Love to Every Single Soul’s flagship programme, Shining Star Reads, aims to help improve literacy rates amongst kids in the rental communities. If you are interested in helping improving literacy rates, or want to start one such group in your community, reach out to them over at their site!


The IAmCollective runs programmes in various communities to provide opportunities for kids to explore various skillsets and non traditional pathways. Their flagship IAmTalented programme gives kids an opportunity to explore non academic pathways in life. Reach out over on their facebook page if you are interested in getting involved!


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